Curriculum Overview in King Henry VIII Schools


The idea that taking in a moment dialect enhances your in the first place, or that playing the violin extends your thinking aptitudes, or that a session of tennis may even lift your scientific capacity are not normally instinctive. However it is these thoughts that are at the very heart of our educational modules. As children, our learning ability is to a great degree increased. It is amid adolescence that we can get a moment dialect, figure out how to play an instrument, or build up our athletic capacity without breaking a sweat that is hard to coordinate sometime down the road. Our educational programs points high and depends on extraordinary educators to spur and motivate students to savor in their learning.

 Focused on each unique child

Educating and learning is gone for capitalizing on childrens’ common interest to learn and curiosity. In Early Years learning happens essentially through guided play. As work progressively turns out to be more organized in Primary School lessons are arranged with a view to making them fascinating and locks in. As they move into Secondary School children get educating by subject masters and work towards their IGSCE and A-Levels examinations.


Instructors design lessons with separated results taking into account a scope of accomplishments. This empowers educators to coordinate every lesson as nearly as conceivable to singular needs while giving degree to students to be extended academically.


A worldwide vision is inserted all through the whole educational programs and all subjects broaden national fringes and wind up noticeably worldwide. Our set up system of schools in Europe and Asia enables more seasoned understudies to create culturally diverse encounters through trades.


Understudies who finish their training at British international school in Malaysia, King Henry VIII school will achieve an abnormal state of competency over all subjects. Learning is to a great extent question-construct with an accentuation in light of critical thinking meaning to develop a student’s capacity to reason and think freely.

Notwithstanding a thorough and testing academic program, British international school in Malaysia, King Henry VIII school additionally runs vivacious games, music, expressions and show programs in which understudies are given numerous chances to build up their abilities and interests outside of the classroom.

How to Elevate Your Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the easiest desserts to appreciate at home. Scooping straight from the half quart is one approach to appreciate the chilled delight- yet when the event calls for it, there are some basic traps to expand your ice cream enjoyment.

  1. Store it rightImage result for ice cream pinterest

The adversary of ice cream is changes in temperature. At the point when the temperature changes suddenly, ice crystals form speedier, destroying the texture of the ice cream. You need to store your solidified companion in the coldest piece of your cooler, as far from the entryway as could be expected under the circumstances. In a front-entryway cooler, this implies some place comfortable back, and in a trunk cooler, this implies at the base.

  1. Raise the serving temperature

Much the same as chocolate, ice cream tastes better at a somewhat higher temperature than its prescribed stockpiling temperature. At the point when it’s excessively chilly, the flavors are quieted and the surface feels less rich. Tip: defrost your ice cream tub in the ice chest for around 30 minutes before serving (the correct planning will rely on upon your refrigerator and the span of your tub, so play around until you locate the ideal length for you). This will bring about gentler, more scoopable ice cream and more extreme flavors than if you delve in straight from the cooler. The ice cream ought to be a comparable surface to whipped butter cream, not fluid or softening.

  1. Fancy plating

Genuinely fastidious ice cream enthusiasts will serve their scoops in pre-chilled dishes, to back off liquefying. In the event that you need to awe companions at a supper party, attempt a quenelle – a method utilized as a part of eateries to serve nourishment like sorbets and ice cream (or pounded potato, meat or fish) in a quite oval, egg-like shape.

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Ipoh White Coffee

Some coffee fanatics would scoff at the thought of serving coffee any other way but black. However, the alternative – white coffee – is recognized and enjoyed by many across the globe. Mind you, Ipoh white coffee is not the whitening the coffee by adding milk or any other dairy product. In Malaysia, our white coffee is called the Ipoh Old Town white coffee.
Related image
So, what really is Ipoh white coffee? White coffee is actually a specific beverage made from coffee beans which were roasted in margarine and without any sugar, then brewed and stirred in a specific technique and served with sweetened condensed milk. Many describe the flavour of Ipoh white coffee as “nut-like”.

The term “Ipoh Old Town white coffee” was introduced the then Malaya by Chinese immigrants in late 19th century and early 20th century during the Qing Dynasty in China. As we all know, this was the time frame when Malaya was colonized by the British. The Chinese, more specifically Hainanese, were hired to work in the tin mines. Apparently they were not accustomed to the British way of drinking black coffee, so they developed a taste that will suit the palate of Chinese population in the then Malaya. They roast their coffee beans in low heat for a very long time, resulting in pale coloured coffee beans. Here is a unique white coffee recipe that you can try at home:

The ingredients you will need are:

– 1 sachet of Coffee Malaysia white coffee

– ¾ cups of milk (we recommend full cream but you can use soy/almond or other non-dairy substitutes if you want)

– 1 cup of ice cubes

– sugar to taste (we usually recommend more or less 1 tbsp)


  1. Put in all the ingredients above into a blender and blend away. Make sure you do not blend it for too long as it will then lose its consistency. Just blend for about 30 seconds. As soon as you see your ice cubes moving around, count like 3 and you should stop.
  2. Pour the mixture into a tall glass, and voila! You can decorate you ice blended Ipoh white coffee to how ever you like. Maybe drizzle some chocolate syrup over whipped cream and top it off white chocolate rice or roasted almonds, to give it more flavour and as we Malaysians call it, more “oomph”.Related image